Membership of the Board Leadership Society of Denmark

Membership Guidelines

The fundamental criterion of admittance to the Board Leadership Society is extensive boardroom experience and the motivation to engage in activities and dialogue that will develop board work quality. The Board Leadership Society comprises of experienced members, directors, leading politicians and public servants, professional consultants and professors.

Annual Membership Fee

Individual Membership
– Standard membership: DKK 2,200 excluding VAT

Corporate Membership
– Less than 100 employees: DKK 20,000 excluding VAT
– More than 100 employees: DKK 30,000 excluding VAT

Questions regarding Membership

    Criteria for Membership

    a) Present and former members of a board or CEOs and other C-class executives in one or several publically traded companies, which hereby are comparable corporations and institutions, being privately, foundationally or governmentally owned.

    b) Board members, CEOs and other C-class executives and partners in financial companies, institutional investors, private equity funds, commercial funds and corresponding professional investors.

    c) Professors and other academics from advanced educational establishments, with substantial experience in research and education within the field of board leadership and governance.

    d) Leading politicians and public servants as well as leading employees in organizations or institutions working with the upgrading of board work.

    e) Professional consultants with substantial experience in advising boards, owners, companies and institutions listed in item a) and b).

    f) Professionals with completed relevant board education.

    g) Professionals with other corresponding experience and/or competencies, at the discretion of the board of the Board Leadership Society.

    Organizations, institutions and juristic persons employing people that meet one or several of the abovementioned criteria at the discretion of the board, can also be admitted as members. These members can only be represented in the society by professionals meeting one or several criteria from a) to g) in the opinion of the board.

    – Find more information in the Society´s Report of the Board of Directors and Management