An XXL congrats are in order for Elliot Sloan, back to back winner of the X Games Gold for Skateboard Vert Best Trick. The 20-minute jam session with Sloan saw multiple failed attempts before landing the gold-winning Cab heelflip Indy 720 in front of 30,000 spectators at ZOZO Marine Stadium on Tokyo Bay. His win was amongst over 100 athletes from 20 countries, with 33 medals being spread across 11 events in three sports.

Sloan says of the win, “The roller coaster of emotions! I was so bummed because I thought that was it. And then I realized I had another run. So there was a little bit of hope…I can’t believe I made that one!” “It’s nice to know that I can still do this 10 years after winning my first one. Super grateful for that,” says the X Games gold medal winner Sloan.

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