Drawing inspiration from his island home, multidisciplinary Oahu-based artist Nick Kuchar’s designs evoke vintage memories of travel and adventure. He captured these feelings in his latest collaboration with Hurley, The Secret Spot Collection, a series of surf and beach ready styles made with Aloha.


“As surfers and people that love to be outdoors, we all have this place we like to go to, whether it’s a surf spot or a secret hiking trail where we just feel like we have it all to ourselves. The Secret Spot Collection celebrates this feeling that life is short, time is best spent with people that are important to you, friends and family and important relationships. Whether you embody this lifestyle or you crave it when you’re stuck in traffic after a long day at work, my hope is that folks will grab a piece from his collection to remind them to take the long way home, to find a bit of margin in their schedule, to embrace their natural surroundings and the emotional connections that make life great.” — Nick Kuchar 

Behind the scenes of the making of the Secret Spot Collection — from pencil to paint.


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